Product Design: Fruit Cups & Packaging

Wawona Fresh Fruit Cups Product Design

Product design starts with understanding the market and competitors in this space dominated by big industry. By combining product design skills along with an eye for rich and vibrant designs—a product design can “pop” on the shelf to gain needed attention from consumers. This approach for color packed designs with rich imagery and pure jewel tones strike a balance of freshness and purity.

Conceptually the client was looking to expand beyond its product line of frozen fruit products and venture into the shelf-stable, single-use fruit cup category.

Located in California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley, Wawona Frozen Foods specializes in the growing and freezing of fresh fruits. Beginning as a small farm over fifty years ago, we continue today as a grower, processor and major supplier of fruit and fruit products. Pioneering the frozen fruit industry, this family-owned company is a result of one farmer’s commitment to deliver the very best fresh frozen fruit products to the marketplace. Wawona’s success and prosperity are due to our family’s commitment to excellence and continue today as a family-owned and operated company. We ship more than 100 million pounds of product annually.

Amid robust growth, Wawona Frozen Foods remains a family-owned company whose principles are demonstrated daily in the plant. You can always count on Wawona for quality, innovation, and excellent service. Packed to the highest standards with the refreshing taste, texture and natural sweetness, Wawona’s fresh frozen fruit is as close to nature as possible.

Package Design: LG Neon II Executive Launch Kit

Role: Product Design, Concept Development & Design, Photography, Digital Compositions, Keyline & Production

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