Lifecycle Marketing: Automotive CRM Campaign

BACKGROUND: Both of the direct mail touches provided as samples are part of a larger campaign for Customer Lifecycle Marketing. Many businesses fail to recognize the marketing potential from the naturally occurring rhythm of the products they sell. Nearly all products a consumer purchase have an expiration and replenishment lifecycle. The key is determining whether the Customer Lifetime Value is worth chasing. Ever wonder why most auto loans are 60 months in length? In the auto industry, consumers naturally begin looking for a new car around the 58-month mark. That’s not by coincidence but by design. In the lifespan of a vehicle, however—there are key milestones like check-ups, oil changes, etc. that allow a dealer to catch the right consumer at the right time with not so coincidentally the right offer.

PROJECT ASSIGNMENT: Develop a CRM communication series for all the key milestones within an Automotive purchase lifecycle.

MY ROLE: Concept Development, Full Design Implementation, Illustrations, Production & Keyline

CATEGORIES: Direct Mail, Automotive Industry

Package Design: LG Neon II Executive Launch Kit