Social Media: ICfL Talking Book Campaign

BACKGROUND: The Idaho Commission for Libraries was looking to increase awareness about their Talking Book Service to Idahoans. The program was designed to be a web page resource center whereby Idaho libraries were encouraged to utilize some or all of the media posts through their own social media account to support the Talking Book Service within their communities. The campaign was developed to run 2 posts per month for a 6-month period via Facebook, Twitter, and Memes. In addition, a Tip Sheet was also developed to help support libraries on how to properly use the content provided and to provide a recommended timing for media postings to occur.

PROJECT ASSIGNMENT: Develop a 6-month campaign of content posts including imagery to rin from November 2017 through March 2018. The program was to include content in sample format as well as broken down into usable components by month to facilitate their use by library staff.

MY ROLE: Concept Development, Full Design, Digital Compositions, Final Production & Keyline

CATEGORIES: Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Public Service

Date October 1, 2006 Categories Social Media Client Idaho Commission for Libraries URL