Logo Design: Prevo Health Solutions

Prevo Health Solutions Logo Design

Logo design is one of the first steps forward for either a new brand or an existing one. By combining an understanding of the market along with a keen eye for what best encapsulates your brand attributes—a logo design starts to take form into a brand. It’s important that the process begins with an understanding of both your strengths and weaknesses. What you believe sets your company apart in your area, region or even nationally. Afterwards, concept development begins with the development process of a logo design. Several rounds of iterations and adjustments are typically needed and expected. The end result is the beginning of a makeover for your brand or the start of a new one altogether. Read more about the importance and history of branding.

Prevo Health Solutions is the premier wellness solutions provider in the club industry and we offer online, onsite and on-target wellness programming to help clubs increase member usage and reduce health care costs. My client was establishing a new company with a brand mission of serving the health club industry with turnkey service solutions for the improvement of member’s health. Their target audience our the thousands of both public and private clubs and organizations that could be interested in improving their member benefits and their overall health of members. Given that the program’s cornerstone is based upon the value of nutrition, a series of logo designs were developed around the concept of what you feed your body is what you become. Improvement through healthy choices in life. Fresh fruits, water, grains, green, leafy foods as well as purple foods play an important role and are represented in the logo developed.

Identify the primary brand goals and mission and translate those values and attributes into multiple logo idea concepts for review. The development of a logotype mark which helped to exhibit the goal of encouraging healthy eating and awareness. After rounds of adjustments and modifications, a final set of logos are prepared providing the company with logos for various application uses both in color and black and white.

Role: Brand Needs Analysis. Logo Design
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