Lufthansa Miles & More Employee Incentive Program

Star Trek-themed Employee Incentive Program

As a freelance designer, I’m provided the opportunity and responsibility of communicating on behalf of some pretty great companies. Most of the time, those communications require strict adherence to the brand and are consumer-facing. However, annually I had the opportunity (and challenge) as a designer of developing an exciting, new employee incentive program for Lufthansa’s Miles & More program. Each year, the goal was to identify trending cultural occurrences and translate those as a freelance designer into concepts for consideration combined with theme-related gift incentives for employees to earn as they reach each incentive level.

Lufthansa Airlines launches each year a quarterly internal sales program to incite employees to increase memberships within the Miles & More program. Employees each receive a personalized kit containing the themed brochure containing the goal levels and prizes awarded along with a small premium incentive. As employees increase their memberships levels, they attain each level incentive with an overall winner generally being awarded a worldwide open ticket for two to the destination of their choice. All materials were for internal, non-commercial use only.

Develop a multi-tier incentive campaign-based mailer to be based upon a selected theme and coordinate as the designer the implementation of premium prizes as part of the incentive program. Each year, the concepts developed could not be duplicated which made the process after several more and more challenging to concept development. We start by providing three unique, but executable concepts to Lufthansa for their Miles & More Employee Incentive Program. Designs must communicate the rules and procedures required by employees in order to qualify their new registrations. Upon concept selection, execute the development of the selected theme into a mailer communication sent to each Lufthansa agent across North America.

Role: Freelance Designer, Concept Development & Design, Copy Headlines, Digital Renderings, Final Keyline & Production

Package Design: LG Neon II Executive Launch Kit


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