Package Design: Executive Launch Kit

LG Neon II Smartphone

By combining package design skills along with direct marketing best practices and a working knowledge of structural engineering—a launch kit starts to take form. It’s important that each executive launch kit developed is designed to clearly represent the likely end-user and their needs. Inside, kits provide a quick overview of the phone’s primary features along with a letter to the executive about the primary audience for this phone. This helps with the sell-through of units for distribution within regional stores. It also helps internal staff better understand their product lines and likely audience for use.

Conceptually the designs provided encompass the lifestyles and trends of this audience. Dimensional kits like this one include a custom shipping box, a designed shipping label, a package design which includes key phone benefits, a live phone unit, a letter, and a hidden compartment for securing a User Guide plus charging accessories.

Back by popular demand—the LG Neon phone was reborn. This phone was targeted towards younger adults ranging from high school to college-level students wanting a trendy, but a simple smartphone. This launch kit was developed to introduce in 2011 the LG Neon II smartphone to AT&T district managers prior to the phone’s availability for market release. This series of concept renderings were presented to the client from which a final selected design was produced which most resembled the theme of the urban design but within a simplified format.

Package Design: LG Neon II Executive Launch Kit


Role: Package Design, Concept Development & Design, Copy Headlines, Digital Renderings

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