LG Encore Launch Kit

Retail Packaging: Executive Launch Kit

LG Encore Smartphone

Retail packaging design like most media begins with the end-user in mind. By combining direct marketing principles to packaging design—a launch kit starts to take form. It’s important that each executive launch kit developed is designed to clearly represent the likely end-user and their needs. Inside, kits provide a quick overview of the phone’s primary features along with a letter to the executive about the primary audience for this phone. This helps with the sell-through of units for distribution within regional stores. It also helps internal staff better understand their product lines and likely audience for use.

Conceptually the look of retail packaging in this design fits the desired end-user of the LG Encore smartphone. Dimensional kits like this one include a custom shipping box, a designed shipping label, a package design which includes key phone benefits, a live phone unit, a letter, and a hidden compartment for securing a User Guide plus charging accessories. This kit in 2011 was a Stevies Award finalist.

The LG Encore phone was a new smartphone model added by LG. This phone was intended to target middle-aged women of style and sophistication wanting a phone that looked the part but was easy to use with limited bells and whistles under the hood. This launch kit was developed to introduce in 2011 the new LG Encore smartphone to AT&T district managers prior to the phone’s availability for market release. The selected concept was intended to emulate the robin egg blue proprietary to Tiffany with tissue paper flowing from the top area of the box. The inner casing holding the phone was lined with grey silk and a mirror-like internal top letter panel was included to check out the new smartphone digs

Package Design: LG Neon II Executive Launch Kit

Role: Package Design, Concept Development & Design, Copy Headlines, Digital Renderings

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