Direct Mail: Postcards & Self Mailers

BACKGROUND: Over the years, I’ve developed countless direct mail pieces for not only the Cable & Broadband Industry but many other vertical markets including Automotive, B2B, Charitable Causes, CPG, Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecommunications, and more. This is a sampling of Cable & Broadband direct mail pieces which broke through the clutter with impactful graphics, clean layouts, and a strong call to action.

PROJECT ASSIGNMENT: In developing creative concepts, often I start with developing themes based on known information about the target audience. When no special audience is identified, I work on ideas such the “Freedom To Choose” piece which you might have guessed was during an election year. While pieces like “Cable for Clams” was a regionally targeted campaign based upon primarily small regions within southern Louisiana, hence the theme and demo profile fitting the primary audience with a message that would resonate within the region. At times on more complex pieces with multiple tactics and components—a writer partner becomes essential.

MY ROLE: Concept Development, Full Design, Digital Compositions, Final Production & Keyline

CATEGORIES: Direct Mail, Cable & Broadband

Package Design: LG Neon II Executive Launch Kit