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Cook The Part Logo & Business Card Design

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Conceptually the client was looking to expand upon their love for food and wine by transforming their passion into a small business. Cook The Part is, in summary, a cooking party in which individuals and/or couples sign up to participate in a hosted cooking party in which portions of the meal are relegated to teams to produce. Along the way, wine is served along with shared experiences and new ones being formed. The end result of which is a personalized dining experience with new or existing friends.

Karen’s passion for cooking with y family is rooted in her German heritage. Born in Germany and immigrating to the United States in 1956, she learned to cook at a young age. Her mother lived in the kitchen and frequently summoned her help. While Karen learned about cooking at an agricultural academy in Lithuania, she has no professional culinary training.

Karen enjoys cooking and entertaining, together with her husband Gary, for over 40 years. Together, they have also participated in gourmet groups for 25 years and have hosted countless dinner parties.

Through this book and concept, Karen combines her leadership skills with her love for cooking, dining and entertaining. Cook the Part blends Karen’s experience in the kitchen and the boardroom to create an entertaining guide for you to follow in your own kitchen.

Develop a simple logo design & identity which primarily utilizes the words into a wordmark along with an iconic visual that reinforces the colors and freshness of home cooking. In addition, Karen needed a business card and logo she could incorporate into her website to help promote her newfound business and long-time passion for cooking and shared enjoyment with friends both old and new.

Role: Logo Design, Business Card Design, Keyline & Production
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