Business Marketing: Sales Materials & Identity

Contractor Concierge Business Marketing Materials

Business marketing can take many forms and purposes but primarily they need to drive home a consistency in brand message and feel. By combining strategic marketing skills along with good design with brand cohesion in mind—a marketing plan with hard-hitting materials can begin to take formation. It’s important that you approach your business marketing efforts as serious as you do your competition. Without a concerted and intentional effort—you leave the fate of your customers in the hands of your competition to decide.

My client, in this case, was wanting to change the mindset of how consumers go about finding and trusting home contractors to help serve their ongoing needs. At the same time, this required educating the market of business why and how to transform their lead gen strategies to include Contractor Concierge as a partner. This required the development of a consumer-friendly brand that provides for easy comprehension and sets apart Contractor Concierge as a homeowner’s best friend for home repair and improvement needs.

To do this, an overall brand strategy was adopted to soften the market with a friendly, consumer-facing brand character we named “Jack”. Jack is to serve to home improvement and service needs the comparative role that a concierge does at a hotel—guiding you to the best recommendation to meet your needs as a neutral party to the services being rendered. Jack was also used as a business-to-business character but with the addition of an important partner, his trusty Bird Dog, “Fetch”. Fetch serves as Jack’s trusted guide searching the network for new customer leads and gathering them for Jack.

Package Design: LG Neon II Executive Launch Kit

Role: Marketing Strategy, Character Developments & Design, Program Identity & Logo Design, Copy Headlines, Design of Marketing Materials

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