Business Card Optimization to Increase Opportunity

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Is Your Business Card Helping or Hurting Your Business?

What does your business card say about your business? At first, this may seem like an odd question to ask but if you pause and ask yourself, “what is the lasting message I delivered?” when handing off your card—you might come to realize that your call back information or email address is hardly all that is important to convey. You’ve spent perhaps a half hour or more of your valuable time to leave behind 6¢ worth of effort and thought. Unless you place no value on your time and the sale is only worth about 30¢ to close—you’re wasting your efforts and losing business.

Just imagine for a moment this scenario…

You landed the big meeting with the person you’ve been tracking like a wounded animal for months and the last thing (or even first thing) you present is the equivalent of an ill-equipped Rolodex card. How’s that going to impress upon them your brand over your competitors? You may have nailed the talking points and even hit it off with the person but unless they’re planning on immediately acting upon your meeting—your business card is the only thing keeping you hanging around.

Now let’s reimagine that same scenario…

You nail the talking points of your presentation and confidently hand a business card to the person, they glance at it and see your key information on the front, a shiny logo for your credentials and flip it over and see the same key points you mentioned in your presentation. Sounds like you’re hitting on all cylinders and now when you make that follow-up call next week—they’re likely to recall who you are and what you do and your business card just got promoted to the top of the stack. Nice work.

Deliver your information but leave a lasting impression

Nothing disappoints me more in a business card design than using a single-sided plain jane card with a logo in one corner and the same old information all squeezed in somehow. You’re putting 100% of your trust in less than half of your opportunity to convey your brand. Worse yet, the front of the card looks like an excerpt out of an encyclopedia.

Now I’m not saying I haven’t designed a few of these in my earlier years. It’s typical and expected and worked for many years but today we communicate through many more channels that can be important. There are so many options and opportunities to expand upon your message. Let’s talk as I think you’ll agree that you can do more and be better than typical. Call 866-4-TBAER-7 for a FREE phone consultation and introduction into how I can help.

Your business card should deliver the right message to the right audience

So ask yourself these questions, in today’s day and age—what’s important to my customer to know about me or my company? Does my corporate address matter and why? Can I provide a value for keeping my business card? Is LinkedIn, for example, important to include because of my trade or industry reputation? Will a mission statement, guarantee, or other key message help convey my USP over my competition? Are there important credentials or certifications I can include that help to validate my business? Can I leverage other brand affiliations to bolster my own reputation?

You can see that the list of ideas and possibilities to consider can be endless. In construction, the rule is measure twice and cut once. In advertising, it’s remembering to question and think before you ink. Make the most of each touchpoint to your audience with brand consistency always in mind.

Get the right business card & brand to thrive. Call 866-4-TBAER-7 or send an email.

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